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Maximize Your Full Potential.


You were not born to FACE Reality - You were born to  CREATE  It -
Create it  Consciously  and on  your  OWN  Terms! 
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About Sanjiv

POWERHOUSE of Inspiration
~ A Conscious Reality Creator ~
Life Mastery is his Passion and he LOVES to share the knowledge that he has gained over the years in the field of Conscious Reality Creation,  with others.

He Believes that Unless you know and fully grasp the DEEP Understanding of the TWO Key Ingredients of
Clarity and Self Realization - The knowledge of WHO You REALLY ARE and WHAT You REALLY WANT in Life - there's hardly any significant progress that you can make in your life.

Sanjiv teaches Tools, Techniques and Methods to Unlock the hidden potential in you so that YOU could Live your Life to your Fullest Potential.

Sanjiv's Signature Program  
Reality GrandMaster  is a unique blend of Mind-Body-Consciousness that takes you from the space of total Unawareness to extreme Clarity of your Vision, Purpose, Goals, and Actions and sets you on the trajectory to win the Game of Life - no matter WHAT your Goal is.
It Empowers you with Powerful Tools, Techniques, and Methods to Eliminate all Negative Energy and Sub-Conscious Blocks to Success and help you Propel, Grow and Maintain the UPward Trajectory in Life - be it for Money, Relationships, Healthy, Profession and/or Business.
About Sanjiv
 When your Inner World is ALIGNED with 
 your Outer Intention 
 You becomes a Success Magnet 

Why Self-Success Mastery ?

 Simple! ...Because YOU Have a Choice 

LIVING on Your OWN Terms


DOING Your OWN Thing, and

HAVING TOTAL FREEDOM to CHOOSE your Fundamental Right in Life - then WHY should you NOT have the Right to choose your RIGHT PARTNER in your journey to  BECOME a Conscious Creator of YOUR OWN LIFE?

That's EXACTLY why Self-Succes Mastery was born - to help YOU BECOME a CONSCIOUS REALITY CREATOR of YOUR LIFE.  

But before I tell you what Self-Success Mastery IS, allow me to state what Self-Success Mastery IS NOT

 Self-Success Mastery is NOT a Self-Help or a 

 Personal Development Site. 

It simply is NOT.

It is much... MUCH MORE than THAT! ☝️

So if you thought of it as any self-help program/site then you are HIGHLY mistaken and I caution you that from this point forward, IF you choose to continue reading any further a few things may or WILL happen to you.

Here's the disclaimer;

Here are some of the things that DO happen to MOST of our visitors and WILL happen to you as well;

  • You WILL lose your EGO and become an Incredibly Generous and a Happy Soul.

  • You WILL gain UNPRECEDENTED Clarity, Purpose, and Prosperity in Life.

  • You WILL begin to attract Abundance in Health, Wealth, Relationships.

  • Focus, Peace, Harmony, and Synchronicities in Life will become a NORM in your life.

  • Your Desire to Understand Your TRUE Nature WILL SOAR Higher than EVER.

  • You WILL Question ALL that you KNOW about Your SELF and Your Reality

  • Living your Dreams with Passion will become your second nature.

  • You WILL start attracting the RIGHT People, Situations, Circumstances, Events, Opportunities, Luck in Life and will become EXTRAORDINARILY Resourceful.

If you DO NOT Want to experience ANY of the above then I Highly suggest that you CLOSE this browser NOW and LEAVE this site IMMEDIATELY 

But IF you have made it this far then you definitely are one of those NEVER SAY DIE Spirits and are BY NO MEASURE an Ordinary person.


You are ONE among those restless souls who are ALWAYS looking for MORE Powerful Living experiences in life - Not because you are GREEDY, but because you KNOW that you DESERVE MORE than what life is throwing at you.


So Congratulations, because your Life is about to Change for Better and you will NEVER be the SAME person again - EVER!

 Welcome to Self-Success Mastery 

This is your COMPASS, your NORTH to your Definition of SUCCESS and your GUIDE to Achieving all that you once thought was Impossible.

It's here to Help you AIM and Align your Super-Consciousness Nature to your VISIONS of your Prosperous and Abundant LIFE that will Propel You into an Upward Trajectory of Unimaginable Positive Experiences that were only experienced in your dreams, if at all.

Well, the time has come now. Time to Realize those Dreams and it all starts NOW!

Does ANY of the below feel like YOU or YOUR experience(s)?

  • There are SOME experiences that NEVER leave you NO MATTER how HARD you TRY to escape them.

  • You have ALL the Tools, Strategies, and Methods in place in your business but it just does not CLICK for you.

  • You, Your Life and Your Business and/or Profession is Suffering because of GROWTH Stagnation.

  • Luck ALWAYS seem to favor OTHERS but AVOIDS you like HELL.

  • You enter into a NEW Relationship ONLY to REALIZE that it's WORSE than the one before.

  • No Matter how HARD you Try you JUST CAN'T Break Through the invisible Ceiling/Wall in your Career, Profession, or your Business.

  • Change causes immense Stress. You have a Crypling sensation in your body, your Hearts pounds, your Head Spins when you even think about CHANGE in your life.

  • FEAR of Unknown has a paralyzing effect of your life.

  • You LOVE your Life - you LOVE your Family and want to SEE them Live a Happy Life - But you DO NOT KNOW WHAT is Stopping you From Fulfilling those Dreams?

If any of the above scenarios reflect your situation then you're on the right page because all that is about to change after today.

See, if you really look closely, there are only 3 major areas of life where people WANT to Grow and Flourish in ( HEALTH, WEALTH, and RELATIONSHIPS ). 

But they almost ALWAYS hit a roadblock...


Do you why?


The reason is that they - in almost 99% of the cases - MISS or UNDERVALUE the MOST Important element in the BIG Picture - the SECRET INGREDIENT to Success - their OWN SELF.

They think that they KNOW it ALL, they've got it all FIGURED Out, they've STUDIED, done their Analysis, done their ReSearch - and after doing ALL of the above they HOPE that things will go their way.


They use HOPE because they're not Confident - and some who ARE Confident don't know WHERE and WHAT they are placing their confidence in - because they DON'T Understand the SINGLE MOST Important Factor in the equation - their SELF.

You can NEVER Grow Above or Beyond the IDENTITY of Your SELF 


Believe it or not - behind every Corporation, Business, Profession, Career, Country, Government, or Individual is an IDENTITY that RULES their world. So Contrary to the Popular Belief, the world is NOT run by people - It is run by the IDENTITIES of those Individuals that Govern it.

And the Good or the Bad - whatever you call it - of this IDENTITY is that You can NEVER grow Above or Beyond the IDENTITY of your SELF. 

You will ALWAYS - ALWAYS & ALWAYS create a reflection of YOUR Identity in WHATEVER you Experience in Life. Period. There's no debate about it and no arguments. THAT is a FACT. I've seen that time and time again in thousands and thousands of cases with people - it IS the REAL Reason WHY many Struggle and Some Soar High in Life.

     Negative Identity    


If you walk around with an IDENTITY of;

  • Lack 

  • Struggle

  • Rejection

  • NOT Enoughness

  • Worthlessness

  • Low-Esteem or

  • Poverty Consciousness in your INNER World (we'll talk more about these later in our course(s))

You are BOUND to Create:

  • A sense of Poverty and/or Struggle/Stress in Life.

  • Life seems like a drag, nothing seems to work or go as per plan.

  • Decision making is paralyzing and crippling.

  • Love Life is Shattered

  • Family seems fragmented or lost and love is on the verge of dying.

  • Relationships are Crumbling.

  • Inner Peace seems non-existent.

  • Business is either NOT doing good, is going downhill, or is Stagnant & growth deprived.

  • Profession or Career growth is illusory

  • Things that would look to be working would seem to collapse.

In other words - NEGATIVE or POOR Identity gives rise to SELF-SABOTAGING LifeStyle, Beliefs, and Thought Patterns/Processes, and KEEPS you in the Paradigm of Poverty and SELF-DEFEAT.


In this REALITY, Life is REALLY Hard and may seem Not Worth Living - and mind you, these are just SOME of the things that you feel with a POOR SELF-IDENTITY.

     Positive Identity    


On the other hand, If you hold a Powerful Positive Identity of;

  • Clarity

  • Self-Confidence

  • Positive Self-Esteem

  • Empowering Positive Beliefs and Thinking patterns

  • Forgiving and Letting Go attitude

  • Optimism with Positive Focus

  • Peace, Co-operation and Understanding

  • Abundance & Prosperity Consciousness

  • Happy and Excited

  • Inspiration

  • Purpose

  • Intuition

  • Acknowledgement

You are bound to experience;

  • Your world as MADE JUST for YOU.

  • Abundance follows you like your Shadow.

  • LOVE, PEACE, Happiness, and Clarity Becomes your CORE Identities

  • You become more and more RESOURCEFUL and PURPOSEFUL.

  • You RECEIVE Un-Interrupted and Clear Guidance from your Higher Self

  • Your Business, Profession and/or Career Spirals Upward to Greater Heights 

  • You Feel like the Master of your Destiny.

  • Health and Vitality seems Perfect.

  • Wealth as BEYOND Normal

  • Your Relationships are like MADE in Heaven. 

  • Synchronicities become the order of the day.

In other words,  Everything gets created Easily and Effortlessly  for you and your life would seem nothing short of a Miracle.

Not only this, anyone looking at you would ASPIRE to BE like YOU!

Isn't Life worth Living this Way? I mean WHO would NOT want a life Blessed Like THIS!

THAT is the Power of your IDENTITY.

I have seen Millionaires with Poverty Consciousness and Poors with Abundance Consciousness and EVENTUALLY, sooner or later, they end up creating a reflection of their INNER IDENTITY in their OUTER Experience of Life.

But there's a Good News..

YOUR IDENTITY - no matter WHAT it is - is just ONE of the Infinite VALID choices to experience in life... and the BEST thing about this is that its JUST a CHOICE and you CAN Change it at WILL!


Your current situation may not be IDEAL but it is still a CHOICE. You may have acquired your current IDENTITY Consciously, Sub-Consciously or Unconsciously from your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, or anyone in society - but you will have to change it CONSCIOUSLY and the FASTEST way to SHIFT your IDENTITY is to CONSCIOUSLY make it UNCONSCIOUS and things will AUTOMATICALLY start to change for you.


 Path to Effortless Creation of Dream Life 

Even though it may seem that the path to SHIFT your consciousness from Negative to Positive is difficult, I'm here to encourage you to look at the simplicity of the process rather than getting discouraged by the illusion of its complexity.

So essentially this is what the path to enlightenment and ultimate effortless creation or Positive Shift looks like.

Stage 1 :  Un-Conscious Negative ( Automatic )

In this stage you are Unconscious of your Negative Paradigm / Beliefs which is Constantly and Automatically attracting negativity in your life.

Stage 2 :  Conscious Negative ( Awareness )

In this stage you become conscious of your Negative Paradigm / Beliefs. This is the first stage towards enlightenment of your SELF for an effortless creation.

Stage 3 :  Conscious Positive ( Awareness and Conscious Effort )

In this stage you make an conscious effort to replace any Negative Belief or Paradigm that shows up in your experience. This is the MOST important and challenging step towards making a permanent change for Positivity in your Energy.

It is challenging because as soon as the old Paradigms start to see that you are getting away from them, they are going to pull you back into the old SELF. If you give uo at this stage - all of your previous work is lost and your dreams will just remain hopes.


So this is an extremely crucial stage of progress and MUST be Mastered for Permanent Change.

Stage 4 :  Un-Conscious Positive ( Automatic )

In this stage you have Mastered the art of Choosing Positive over Negative and are doing it un-consciously. The result is that positivity and the attraction of positive experiences, situations, circumstance, events, and people becomes effortless. Your life progresses towards the realization of its ultimate Dream and it all happens on Autopilot. You literally have to make NO effort other than just CHOOSING to act on whatever you are inspired to act on by your consciousness. Your life is FULL of Positive Synchronicities and luck seems to favor you at all times.

 So What EXACTLY Do WE Do at 

 Self-Success Mastery ? 



NO ONE on this planet has ANY ability to bring ANY Change in YOUR Life. Only YOU CAN and our job is to HELP you BRING and MAKE those Changes as Effortlessly as possible.


We HELP you SHIFT from your current un-preferred reality to your preferred reality following the path of Least Resistance and High Efficiency.

We HELP you get in touch with your Unlimited and Abundant SELF.

We  HELP you ALIGN your Energy so that you can RAISE your Vibrations to become a Powerful Creator of Endless stream of Ever Positive Life experiences on Autopilot.

We help you IDENTIFY and then TRANSFORM the Blocks in your Conscious, Sub-Conscious Mind and Energy pertaining to all important areas of your life - Health, Wealth and Relationships.

We provide you Tools, Techniques, Methods and Support so that YOU can MAKE the necessary changes for your preferred life experience.


We believe your OUTER Reality if a REFLECTION of your INNER Reality. Therefore, we DO NOT believe in CHANGING the Reflection - Your Outside World. We Believe and IMPART the Technology of BEING the Change INSIDE so that the reflection - your Outer World - would have NO CHOICE but to Reflect your NEW and PREFERRED REALITY of your NEW Version - Your 2.0 SELF!

So we WELCOME you to the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY of YOUR LIFE - An Opportunity to SHIFT your IDENTITY of your SELF to CHANGE Your World FOREVER...

THIS is YOUR Doorway and Opportunity for a Renewed YOU!

So as you can see changing your life experience from Negative to Positive is only a matter of Focus, Realization and then making a Conscious Choice of WHAT you intend to experience instead of your current un-preferred reality.



Simple! - If you don't feel accomplished WITHIN and LEAD a Powerful and Positive Life experience INSIDE - Nothing else matters OUTSIDE - Literally NOTHING...

... because chances are that your INNER BEING is Utterly, Totally and 100%, working AGAINST YOU, Bent on DESTROYING YOU and ALL of your External Manifestations and Accomplishments to REFLECT and PROVE to you your INNER STATE of BEING - i.e. WHO you are BEING in your INSIDE.


So unless you take care of the INNER STATE of BEING, FIRST, your OUTER world will keep crumbling to pieces after every attempt to collect it and put it in Order.

And you know the irony in this is? 

Your Sub-Conscious Self THINKS that it is Serving you with Unconditional Love. 


And let me tell you something - no matter how hard it is for you to digest, I'm still going to say it to you ->> Your Inner Self is 100% RIGHT. It IS serving you UNCONDITIONALLY based on the conditional commands that YOU, consciously and unconsciously, are giving it on a continuous basis.


And WHY are you giving those commands? - BECAUSE of your IDENTITY of your SELF.

     Decision Time     

Now, THIS is where you have to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE and take a Conscious DECISION for your NEW LIFE!

If you CHOOSE to LEARN  the Principles and Tools and Techniques to Interact with your Consciousness (conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious SELF) so that it can help you SHIFT your IDENTITY - you're BOUND to LIVE LIFE KING-SIZE or QUEEN-SIZE! 

In Fact, I'll SHOW you STEP-BY-STEP, how in a very SHORT time - within weeks - you can go from ZERO to a HERO position in your life WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING in your Current REALITY (Reality is NOT What you THINK it IS).

But, If you CHOOSE to NOT LEARN , your current NEGATIVE SELF-SABOTAGING Beliefs and your SELF-IDENTITY will continue to CRUSH & ANNIHILATE the very existence of your Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Prosperity, Relationships, and your very Purpose in life.

So, unless you choose to empower your SELF and SHIFT from your current un-preferred Life Experiences 'Consciously', your Un-Conscious self-defeating image in the form of the person who you see in mirror every day, will ALWAYS remind you that YOU ALWAYS HAD, and ALWAYS HAVE a Choice to experience Positive, Powerful, Successful, Authentic and Prosperous SELF, and YET you are CHOOSING to STOP YOURSELF from moving forward and experience those quality of life.

... and the interesting thing is that THIS LIMITATION and FEAR is ALSO the creation of YOUR IDENTITY and the Limiting and Self-Defeating Beliefs of your Sub-Conscious Mind.

Now, I am not trying to inject FEAR in you - I'm just trying to state the current state of affairs and Empower you with choices. The decision, as always, is going to be yours and YOURS only.

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