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Don’t HATE Your 9-To-5 Job. Be Grateful for It!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A lot of people in today’s world use the term ‘I hate my 9-to-5’ not realizing that the very Energy that they DO NOT want in life is the energy that they end up attracting because every word, every thought gets reflected back to them in their life experience.

But before I get into the “ Energy “ aspect of it, how about we just take a step back and SEE for ourselves WHAT this 9-to-5 has got you in your life?

After all, if you’re ‘really’ not getting anything from it then why in the world are you sticking with it?

You are NOT chained to your job. You are free to go. Then WHY are you NOT going?

It’s not the JOB that’s tying you to it. YOU are the one who is CHOOSING to stay.

Of course, you’d not stay in it if it was NOT serving ANY of your NEEDS. The fact that you show up at your job every single day is a sign enough to show you that it HAS some meaning in your life – and it IS serving you POSITIVELY whether you acknowledge it or not or else you’d not be there - Right?

I also see a lot of people online who propagate this idea of ‘BE your OWN BOSS’ and that you should get out of your 9-to-5 job as if doing the 9-to-5 is a curse and a disrespect to your existence. These very people go on and EMPLOY people to WORK for them. What happens to their ‘BE your OWN BOSS’ ideology then?

See, there’s nothing wrong with BEING your own Boss if THAT’s what you want to do and I 1000% support that idea. But just because there’s an idea of owning a business, having a lifestyle, the idea and the lifestyle of being an employee should not become insignificant.

You should NEVER feel sorry for yourself or for someone else for BEING in a JOB. Rather you should be GRATEFUL that you HAVE something to CONTRIBUTE to and in exchange – however small – you are getting something in return.

Now let me come to the Energy part of this notion and this is EXTREMELY valuable and important to understand. And the reason why this is extremely valuable and important is because NO matter WHO you are in a Business or in a Job, you are ALWAYS going to deal with People, Situations, Circumstances and Events in life.

Now, you all may have heard me say this almost in all of my conversations that EVERYTHING – literally EVERY SINGLE THING in your experience is Energy. Every event is an Energetic exchange of information. Every emotion, every feeling, every thought is Energy in motion. It is constantly moving and the medium in which it is moving and exchanging the energetic charge, is also Energy.

From the Energy standpoint EVERYTHING in your life is YOUR CREATION. Now I know a lot of people don’t like that idea and you are welcome to fight this however long you wish to in your life but just because we are not ready to accept it – it does not change the fact that EVERY experience in your life is YOUR creation.

So, the sooner you accept it – the better you WILL get at handling this creation of yours and the more FUN you’ll have CONSCIOUSLY creating your life Experiences.

Believe me - YOUR life - is YOUR creation.

The so-called other people and other situations HELP you in your creation by playing the role of being so-called ‘GOOD’ or ‘BAD’ influence in your experience – but you MUST realize that YOUR life is YOUR OWN Business and no one else’s.

So, what YOU say – GOES.

Now with that said;

Every experience in your life exists because somewhere, somehow, because of something you have agreed to MATCH the frequency of that idea and have locked it into your own Energy and are now unaware of that lock.

For example – I always say this;

NO ONE on this Planet has ANY ability to MAKE you do anything UNLESS YOU decide (for whatever reason) to DO it.

I also say;

- Offence is always TAKEN – it is never GIVEN – isn’t it?

How many times have heard someone say – he or she offended me? But is that true? What if YOU decide how YOU feel and not OTHERS? In the situation where you DO take an offence you have somehow – because of some situation or reasons – unconsciously agreed that someone else has an ability to impact your experience AGAINST your own desire/wish – that’s all what’s causing you to TAKE that offence otherwise you could have developed - in you - the ability to RESPOND differently.

Remember, you ALWAYS have a choice – ALWAYS.

Now, how is this tied to your experience with 9-to-5 job?

You may not see, but it is directly related.

YOUR experience with your 9-to-5 job is BASED on YOUR definition of ‘it’ and your EXPECTATIONS FROM it.

IF either of them is NOT met – you Don’t like your 9-to-5.

For MOST people ‘Acknowledgement’ of the ‘Contribution’ that this so-called hated job provides is not even a point of focus for them. All they see is WHAT they are having to DO and WHAT they are GETTING (in monetary terms).

MOST people compare their jobs with OTHER people’s jobs and other people’s businesses and become DISSATISFIED and TOTALLY ignore the abundance they are experiencing and can experience BECAUSE of their JOBS.

If YOUR job can give you EVEN a single MEAL, a single FRUIT, a single LOAF of Bread, a single piece of Cloth to cover your body, a single gallon of gas for your car – and I can go on and on with this but you get the point – right? - it deserves RESPECT from you.


Why in the world would I say that even though its NOT able to give you what YOU expect – it deserves RESPECT?

It’s because like YOU – your JOB is ALSO an Energy.

YOU might not see it that way – but EVERYTHING is Energy.

Everything is ALIVE and so is your JOB. If it were NOT alive – YOU would not be around it. There’s an Energetic connection that YOU have with ‘it’ and ‘it’ has with YOU.

So, your job – however DEAD you might think it is – is LISTENING and FEELING your Energy. Its AS REAL as YOU.

Like with any other relationship in your life - the QUALITY of that connection and experience will depend on YOUR level of engagement with ‘it’.

Your job could have been with ANYONE in this entire world and with whoever it could be – it would give the same vibration – same money – take same time etc. So, from ITS standpoint it is NEUTRAL in nature.

So, WHO makes that job exciting or boring?

Who makes that job worth doing or hating?


So, if you HATE that job – is it that job’s fault?

Your job ALWAYS MEETS you HALF-WAY. What you put into it – you get back from it. Maybe not in terms of money but in terms of Energy it ALWAYS reflect to you WHAT YOU are putting IN IT.

There are thousands of people who – according to YOUR definition – are in a hateful job – but are extremely happy and satisfied. Its just a matter of perspective.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting stopping the upward trajectory of your life from where you currently may be. What I am saying is that in order to move up you do not have to look down upon the steps that lead you to your highest joy in life.

When you appreciate the LITTLE that you have, you open doors for MORE that you COULD have.

So, don’t CHOOSE to suffer – Just lighten up and enjoy the little ones (your jobs) for they are your babies who were born in your life because of YOUR own choices.

YOU brought them in your life. YOU are their creator in YOUR Life and the ONLY reason why they exist in your life is to SUPPORT you in WHATEVER you choose to do with them.

I’m not talking about ‘a’ job. I’m talking about ‘jobs’. You like them or you hate them – they never stop being your support.

Remember, when you’re in a job – you’re helping your own brother and/or sister grow in life. Without YOUR positive contribution – THEY could not rise.

Of course, that does not mean that YOU cannot or should not have a business of your own – it just means that you should feel PROUD that you ARE an active contributor in the lives of people around you.

PLUS – Life is NOT about the destinations that you go to and goals that you achieve. Rather, it is about the journey and the experiences that lead up to that destination or goal.

IF destination was the only goal then no one would leave home - because no matter where in the world you go to, you end up coming back to your own home anyways.



Sanjiv Tyagi

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