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Feed Your consciousness 


Depending on the kind of books you read, they can be the Greatest and one of the Most Powerful Influence in your Life. There's a reason why they say - Books are your Best Friends. I have personally witnessed this power of  positive literature.

Here are some of the e-books and books that I have written to help you grow your SELF Awareness and bring you Closer to your Success that you Desire.

Please realize that NO amount of content can bring any change in your life unless YOU work on your SELF. 

These are not just books - each contain Jewels that can transform your life and Empower you to make the necessary SHIFT in your Energy so that you can EXPERIENCE the Power of Consciousness that YOU ARE! - First Hand!

Love_SKT_White (2).png

This was written fundamentally to give you a perspective on why you experience what you experience and What Steps you can take to Shift your Life into an experience of Abundance that YOU ARE.

Yes, You ALREADY ARE Abundant - its just that you have not experienced its manifestation in physicality. This e-book will give you the background on what is involved.


 DeClutter YOUR MIND 

One of the first steps to realize your SELF is to Empty yourself of ALL the definitions of the SELF.

This can be achieved by de-cluttering your Mind because that is where the identities are stored.

The books takes you through the process of de-cluttering your space in and around you. Its not a huge read and shouldn't take you too long to finish. But once finished - Take Action!

Get it NOW!
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